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The Connecticut Psychiatric Association is a District Branch of the American Psychiatric Association.

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2018 APA Annual Meeting

Join your colleagues from across the U.S. and over 50 other countries for the psychiatry event of the year. 


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About Us

The Voice of Psychiatry in Connecticut

The Connecticut Psychiatric Society is a District Branch of the American Psychiatric Association composed of nearly 750 members.

The society is devoted to:

  • Advocating for patients and those who care for them;
  • Promoting and disseminating professional values;
  • Supporting education and career advancement; and
  • Strengthening the scientific basis of psychiatric diagnosis and treatment.

The Connecticut Psychiatric Society is an organization of psychiatrists who work to ensure access to humane care and effective treatment for people with mental illnesses.  The Society is the voice and conscience of psychiatry in Connecticut.  The Society advocates for an environment where quality psychiatric care is available for all who need it.

The goals of the Society are to foster the science and progress of psychiatry, in cooperation with and as a constituent part of the American Psychiatric Association, to serve as an influence toward the maintenance of high professional and administrative standards and to assist the APA in promoting its aims and objectives.



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